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Princess Allura is the princess of planet Altea, daughter of King Alfor, and one of the last remaining members of the Altean race. She has been asleep within the Castle of Lions along with Coran for ten thousand years, and serves as the commander of Team Voltron, along side with Shiro.

Official Profile Edit

Pilot of the Castleship
Often all business, Princess Allura is a whip-smart alien princess. Allura is the daughter of King Alfor, the original creator of Voltron. Allura has emerged from a 10,000 year cryogenic sleep to guide the team to defeat Zarkon. Often feeling the weight of the universe on her shoulders, she feels personally responsible for the success or failure of the new Paladins of Voltron.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Allura's earrings function as a communication device among herself, the helmets of the Paladins, and the Castleship.[2].
  • Allura is shown able to experience repeated flow of time and recall the events of the previous time flow; Coran, notably, does not appear to share this ability.[3]
  • Allura is based on the character Allura of the previous Voltron franchises, who in turn was based on the character Fala of Beast King GoLion.

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