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Altea was a planet, blooming with beauty of its Altean flowers. One thing is for certain that Alteans built a colony with modern technology where science, alone, can't explain it. Altea seemed to have 3 artificial rings, all equally separated from each other. Its unknown whether Altea's blue colored surface was its diffraction of its atmosphere due to their star or that most of Altea was covered with oceans themselves.

History Edit

Princess Allura was born in Altea, knowing after the death of her father and her planet being destroyed by Zarkon, she took it upon herself to find him and end his tyranny with the help of Voltron and its Paladins.

Crystal Venom Edit

In this episode, King Alfor's AI is corrupted, leaving the ship in his total control but needing an energy of an Altean in order to create a wormhole and cross space, King Alfor tricked Allura in to thinking she's going to Altea, regardless that she already knows it's destroyed.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Coran stated that Altea used to have rocks as rain[1], this could be a reference to "Vaporized rock showers."[2]


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