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The Blue Lion is the Lion that forms the right leg of Voltron. The current Blue Paladin who pilots the Lion is Lance.

Official Profile Edit

Guardian Spirit of Water
The Blue Lion is the friendliest of the Lions and is the most accepting of new pilots. Similar to its pilot, Lance, the Blue Lion’s confidence comes in handy in tough battles against bigger and better opponents and can easily take them out with its powerful FREEZE RAY and SONIC BOOM. The Blue Lion also has incredible powers to operate in water. It can withstand the pressure of the depths and navigate through ice.[2]

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Blue Lion was located on Earth.[3]
  • The Blue Lion is the second to use its elemental affiliation of Water when it freezes a Galra Structure melted by the Red Lion, so the debris will not harm the Balmera.[1]


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