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Haggar is a mysterious witch working with Zarkon as part of the Galra Empire, acting as a leader of a group of Druids, four of which are called the "Druids of the Four Directions".[2] She is the creator of the Robeasts sent to defeat Voltron, and used Shiro as an experiment while he was captive, giving him his prosthetic arm.

Official Profile Edit

Evil Space Witch
Haggar is an ageless, psychic witch and a loyal advisor to Zarkon. Over the years she has formed a coven of druids, her own order of followers to do her bidding and aid her evil plans. Together they create the Robeasts to battle Voltron.[1]

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Haggar has a cold personality with little concern for living creatures and the planets they inhabit. She uses her abilities and technological creations to extract Quintessence from entire planets, turning them into inhospitable wastelands. With her unwavering loyalty to Zarkon and his empire, Haggar shows no doubts over the Empire's destructive reign; the fact that Zarkon trusts her word more than that of his commanders speaks volumes about their similar villainous personalities. She has even been seen watching the violent gladiatorial games at the Emperor's side. Haggar has a desire to capture Voltron for Zarkon's plans, and is a tactician cautious but firm in dealing with the powerful spacecraft, advising the Emperor on the best course of action. She remains wary of the Emperor's growing obsession with the Black Lion and how it blinds him to his strained health and anything else happening within the Empire, but willingly follows his orders regardless.

She delights in using the dark and hateful emotions of others to her benefit, convincing Myzax to become a Robeast solely for revenge,[3] and using Shiro's rage and overwhelming fear against him.[4] Her cruelty shows further in her preference for experimenting on biological life forms, turning them cybernetic with enhanced military-based artillery; Haggar has no problem discarding "failed" experiments either, as she attacks Shiro with intent to kill, appearing angered that he could once have been the Empire's "greatest weapon".[4] Her loyalty to Zarkon appears to be something more than seeing him as a tool for her own goals like that of her experiments, as she rescues him from his broken robotic suit when he is defeated by Voltron, and hooks him up to a machine to infuse his body with Quintessence, saving his life.[5] This is the only act of any suggested empathy seen from the witch.

Abilities Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Allura is the first to see Haggar's full appearance under her cloak, and exclaims that the witch is Altean.[5] However, Haggar appears distinctly different from known Altean purebloods: the dark blue skin, long red markings, yellow eyes, and beastly fangs. The exclamation also notably throws the witch into a rage. It is not clarified if Haggar is indeed pureblooded Altean, or if she merely looks Altean to Allura compared to other Galrans, in that the witch is a Galra-Altean hybrid.
  • Most of Haggar's experiments involve a blend of Magic and Technology. She is one of few characters shown to have apparent magical capabilities rather than relying on advanced technology alone.
  • Apart from Shiro, Haggar is implied to have also provided Sendak with his prosthetic arm.[6]
  • Haggar is based on the character Haggar of the previous Voltron franchises, who in turn was based on the character Honerva of Beast King GoLion.


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