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Emperor Zarkon is the ruler of the Galra Empire that has conquered almost all of the known universe over the past ten thousand years, and is a main antagonist of the series. Once the Black Paladin in the past,[2] he now seeks to capture all of the Voltron Lions to take their combined power for himself.

Particularly, he is obsessed with reclaiming the Black Lion from Shiro, and has Haggar send Robeasts out to battle Voltron for him. His obsession, coupled with aid from the Galra rebel faction called the Blade of Marmora and their allies, leads to his downfall and defeat at the hands of Voltron's team after an epic battle between the robot and the Emperor's own massive robotic suit. Zarkon is currently in a comatose state, surviving only from Haggar's care and a machine infusing him with Quintessence. His son, Prince Lotor, is slated to take over his role.

Official ProfileEdit

Conqueror of the Universe
Emperor Zarkon is the ruthless leader of the Galra Empire. 10,000 years ago, Zarkon fought to steal the Voltron Lions from King Alfor. Ever since Alfor sent the Lions to the far corners of the universe, Zarkon has been on a quest to obtain Voltron once and for all.[3]



  • Zarkon is based on the character Zarkon of the previous Voltron franchises, who in turn was based on the character Daibazaal of Beast King GoLion.


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